Next-Generation Vaccine Storage

  • Maintains stable, user-independent 2-8°C storage temperature with 5-day holdover in worst-case conditions.
  • Robustly protects against effects of voltage fluctuations while operating within a wide range of power grid conditions.
  • Integrated monitoring and 30 DTR display, logs performance and environmental data with optional remote reporting and alerts.

Key Specifications

Storage Volume 50L
Gross Volume 68L
Ambient Operating Temperature 10~43°C
Input Voltage Range 80~290V
Input Frequency 50~60Hz
Holdover Time without power at constant 43°C ambient temperature at constant 25°C ambient 5 days (120 hours)
8 days (192 hours)
External Dimensions 65.5×54.5×159cm
Net Weight 94kg

*Aucma CFD-50 is the first WHO PQS prequalified (E003/079) MetaFridge product


MetaFridge Provides Reliable Cold Storage in Unreliable Power Conditions

  • Maintains vaccines at a stable 2-8°C temperature using patented ColdSafe Technology.
  • Allows 5 days of holdover at 43°C ambient temperature.
  • Can operate continuously on less than 2 hours of power per day at 43°C ambient temperature.
  • Requires less than 6 hours of power after installation to reach safe storage temperature with 2-3 days of holdover.
  • Grade A user-independent freeze protection.

Integrated Power Protection

  • Integrated protection during voltage spikes and brown-outs.
  • Internal voltage stabilizer allows compressor to use a wide range of voltage input.

Onboard Monitoring

  • Integrated 30 DTR display shows temperature and alarm history.
  • Holdover indicator allows users to proactively protect vaccines.
  • Visual and audible alarms for temperature excursions or improperly closed door.
  • Measures and records performance data to enable diagnosis of issues.
  • Optional telemetry module enables remote temperature monitoring and alerting.

Smart Design, Durable Construction

  • Upright and front-opening for user-friendly access.
  • Compact form factor and lifting handles allow easy transport.
  • Integrated plastic base prevents corrosion from wet floors.
  • Condenser guards and rodent-proof grates protect components.

Field Testing

  • More than 40 units were tested in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia for 3-6 months, all with remote monitoring.
  • Units were installed in both urban settings and rural areas typically served by SDD units.
  • 99% of reported temperatures were between 2-8°C:
  • Temperature excursions were due to frequent or prolonged door openings and power outages of more than 7 days.
  • Local users were alerted by holdover indicator ahead of outage-related excursions and were able to relocate vaccines.
  • Units operating in Kenya with moderate ambient temperature averaged 45 minutes per day of compressor run time.

Field Performance Data

  1. Vaccine chamber temperature reached 2-8°C within 4 hours of installation.
  2. After 6 hours of power, unit has built up multiple days of holdover and continued to operate within spec despite multiple power outages over following days.

MetaFridge™ vaccine refrigeration and its enabling ColdSafe™ technology are developed by Global Good. ColdSafe consists of an ice reservoir coupled to a thermosyphon wrapped around the vaccine chamber, passively providing safe and stable storage temperatures, and multi-day holdover.