Arktek DF

  • Arktek DF is a super-insulated container that safely stores vaccines between -60℃to -80℃for 6.5 days and longer under hot zone conditions of 43℃.This device does not require any external power-only phase change material (PCM)packs that are replenished for continued use.


  • Mode YBC-5E
  • Vaccine Storage Temperature -60℃ to -80℃
  • Hold time 7 days at 43℃/5℃ ambient temperature with daily use
  • Capacity 5.4 L
  • Net Weight 32.5 kg
  • Gross Weight 43 kg
  • Delivery box dimensions (W×D×H) 650×650×890 mm
  • DTR HOBO data logger


  • Holds vaccines between -60℃to -80℃for almost 7 days at hot zone temperature environment of 43℃/5℃.
  • A range of storage temperature can be supported by changing the type of PCM used.
  • Longer hold times are possible when storage temperature requirements are above -40℃.