Arktek DF deep freezer is a patented super-insulated vaccine carrier that stores vaccines between -60 °C to -78.5 °C. Arktek DF utilises either dry ice or Aucma’s own thermal phase change material PCM packs. Integrated 30 days data logger is attached to four thermocouple (TC) sensors which monitor internal temperatures in the vaccine storage area of the Arktek DF. Dedicated vaccine racking together with PCM packs and dry ice containment are supplied as standard.

Arktek DF has been successfully deployed for Ebola vaccine distribution and vaccination the last mile and is now playing an important role in complex logistics programmes for Covid vaccines.

(Vaccine Storage Capacity) Vial Capacity* Holdover time continuous 43 °C ambient** Holdover time at day/night 25/43 °C ambient**
10 L storage 750 9 days 13 days
5 L storage 450 18 days 24 days

* Based on vial size Ø16 mm x 35 mm (Pfizer COVID vaccine)
** Evaluated based on vaccine temperature reaches -60 °C

Key Specifications

Dimension Ø53 x 75 cm
Weight (empty) 22 kg
Max dry ice capacity 8 kg

1. Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram for placement of 8 PCM boxes and 3 groups of vaccine boxes in the Arktek DF

2. Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram for placement of 3 dry ice containers and 6 groups of vaccine boxes in the Arktek DF

If Dry ice is needed to be used as cold source for cold preservation, take out all the 8 aluminum PCM cold storage boxes and vaccine boxes in the tank, and put the 3 aluminum Dry ice containers (2 triangles and 1 square) and 6 groups of vaccine boxes (4 squares and 2 triangles) into the tank according to the placement order as shown in the following figure.