Arktek Mini is a double-vacuum-insulated-layer container that cryogenically stores vaccines using dry ice between -60 °C to -78.5 °C. The interior is configured to hold vaccines in one, two, or three cups with dry ice pellets positioned above in a refillable bag. Arktek Mini has been successfully used in East Africa to store bull semen, also available for veterinary use for the transportation of semen at cryogenic temperature for artificial insemination applications.

Configuration Dry ice mass Est. Vial capacity* Hold time (at 43 °C ambient)** Hold time (at 25/43 °C ambient)**
2 vial cups 1.6 kg 40 5.5 days 6.5 days
3 vial cups 1.4 kg 60 4.5 days 5.0 days

* Based on vial size Ø16 mm x 35 mm (Pfizer COVID vaccine)
** Evaluated based on vaccine temperature reaches -60 °C

Key Specifications

Dimension Ø20 x 56 cm
Weight (empty) 3.4 kg
Max dry ice capacity 2 kg